Save Money and Time with an Established Buyer

We specialize in efficient, hassle-free transactions

Not all property owners wish to sell through a broker. For those property owners seeking a direct buyer that can move quickly and close all cash, CalBay would love to hear from you. Check out our Acquisition Criteria and give us a call. You can potentially save a substantial sum in a commission-free property sale.

Creative Deal ExPerts

Need to resolve a tax or estate planning problem? We'll use creative deal structuring to make it happen.

We Explore Joint Ventures

Not ready to sell but need to boost your property's potential? We consider joint ventures that produce mutually-beneficial results.

Broker-Free Transactions

Save yourself a pricey sales commission by working by working directly with a buyer that can close fast on an all cash basis.

Distressed Property? We're In.

We work to identify potential value, where other developers shy away from the work involved.