Diversify Your Portfolio

We can provide an attractive alternative to stocks and mutual funds

At CalBay, we strive to identify properties at premium locations that have not been managed or developed to their highest potential. We seek out and acquire real estate opportunities that pay cash flow with long-term upside.

If you’re interested in learning more about investing with us, give us a call. We’ll discuss how we can grow our real estate cash flow and equity together.

We Grow Property Values

By carefully vetting potential acquisitions and curating a unique mix of tenants in our properties, we generate longterm earnings.

Joint Venture Experience

Working hand-in-hand with seasoned investors has allowed us to expand aggressively and build a solid track record. 

Take Advantage of Our Insight

Investing in commercial real estate represents a number of potential pitfalls. We protect capital by making smart acquisitions.

We Make Realistic Projections

We are experts in owning and operating retail & restaurant properties, which leads to diligent underwriting and realistic projections.